Visiting Teacher

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Brigitte Baumgartner has spent three weeks in Lismore primary school as part of her training to become a fully qualified teacher of English in her native Switzerland. Frau Baumgartner, who is here with her husband Werner, said she was absolutely delighted when she found that her request for a placement in a small, possibly island school had been granted. Lismore has lived up to all her expectations and indeed has exceeded them. She loves the peace and beauty of the island, the welcome from everyone, and of course the school where she has had the chance to have a personal relationship with the teachers and students which would not be the case in a larger school. Also she has been stimulated by watching other teachers at work and feels she will have much to teach and talk about when she returns to her school in Canton Zurich where she teaches a class of 25 eight year olds.  Werner has enjoyed his time too and as a trained baker was able to demonstrate a particular type of Swiss bread as part of the children’s study of the customs and traditions of other places.