The Infamous Peahen


by Richard Fowler of Point Cottage 


For Priscilla, the Queen of Peahens, Mistress of Point Cottage Garden for several months in 2004.        

           Sung to the tune ‘The Laird of Cockpen’




The Famous Peahen-she's proud and she's great

She wandered from home, thus avoiding the fate

of trying to hatch out her own hard-boiled eggs

So to Point she did venture, a strain on her legs


Her Mistress drove down with rug and with feed

She chased her and called her, the bird gave no heed

Was she heading for Point and the Port Appin Ferry,

a dram at the Pier House and being a mite merry?


But she spied a bright garden with sheltered seat

The outlook was pleasant it was out of the heat

of the henhunt at Clachan so she made it her home

So there she did stay, no longer to roam


The neighbours they lov'd her and call'd her Priscilla

but she ate all the seedlings and some said “You should Kill er”

The worst was the patio was covered in poo

as Priscilla decided  it made a superloo


So plans were made, plots were hatched

so that Priscilla could be despatched

A trap was made and bait was prepared

but Priscilla's no fool but a wily old bird.


A trail of grapes led into the cage

where whisky soaked gingerbread was centre stage

The grapes were gobbled some gingerbread too

but the cage she avoided, lts purpose she knew


But at last her caution was beaten by greed

the door snapped shut on the Queen of her breed

Back to Clachan she went in Archie's blue truck

And there she remains with the rest of her flock



Greeting her "companion"

The cage- the designer and the author

resting peacefully

For the original story go to news archive June 2005 (for some reason it won't link )

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