Marjorie Campbell


Lismore paintings


 Ionad Naomh Moluag


23 March to 25 April 2008



The Museum and café are planning to exhibit various artists who have lived and or worked in Lismore. The first exhibition, a retrospective of the work of Marjorie Campbell, opened on 23 March and will run until 25 April.


Marjorie Anderson was born in 1936 to medical missionary parents in Changzhi, northern inland China. Three years later, following the death of her father she returned to the maternal home at Belleview Terrace in Edinburgh.  Marjorie's artistic talents were early recognized and her childhood and holidays in the Scottish countryside provided her earliest subject matter. She was incredibly versatile and in time became a painter, illustrator, teacher, lecturer, quilter, photographer, and designer for copper-wheel engraving on glass.


Her connection with Lismore began in 1960 when she married Archie Campbell whose paternal grandmother had been born in Lismore. In 1970 they bought Carnie Cottage as a holiday place for their young family Alison, Ann, Mairi and Sarah. It has now been restored and is greatly enjoyed by the extended family. Sarah, the youngest daughter has moved to Lismore with her partner Yorick and boys Ruben and Tom and runs Mogwaii, her fashion business from the island.


Most of the work in the exhibition is inspired by Lismore, its landscapes, homes and people. For a comprehensive range of Marjorie's go to  and by arrangement at the home of her sister Alison kerr. For directions and appointment contact 





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