Ferrymen call upon Midwifery skills.


This week saw the first birth on the Lismore Ferry, with Nurses McColl and Jack in attendance. (Pictured above)

They demonstrated excellent midwifery skills when Jess gave birth to two strapping puppies on board the MV Lismore.

Both mother and pups are doing well as are the three other pups born later at home.

Mark and Denise, Jess’s owners, have decided to call the two pups born on the ferry Donald and Charlie after the able midwifes.

Denise said:  “Donald was very good at the birth, keeping us all calm and phoning for advice”

“All in a day’s work” said Nurse MacColl.

The litter was 4 bitches and one dog.


Jess really loves boats and the sea as well as being good with the sheep!

The puppies are for sale to good homes and if you are interested you can email Denise and Mark or phone them on 01631 760 204

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