Lismore Community Consultation Meeting


Present: Mary McDougall, Laura Cook, Fay and John Carmichael, Colin Black, Stephen Green, Katy Crossan, Liz Buckle, Anna Stewart, Duncan Brooks, Mark and Murray Willis, Ruaridgh Meddes, Dot Hay, Sarah Campbell, Julian and Carol Wormleighton, Pauline Dowling, Archie MacGillivray, Roger and Gilly Dixon-Spain

Sarah Campbell, a member of the Hall Committee with special responsibility for this project, convened the meeting.  She began by highlighting the reasons why the community could benefit from a combined PA and Sound System and how the money could be raised.

Reasons why the community could benefit:
      -         It is often hard to hear individuals speaking at a public meeting in the hall.
      -         At Ceilidhs the sound quality is often poor
      -         Renting sound equipment is expensive and cumbersome
-         There is a lot of local talent and the young people, especially, could benefit from having
             a good sound system.
-         The system would incorporate a recording facility which could be used for both drama
             and music.

How the money could be raised:
       -         There is a Lottery grant, Awards for All, for which the Lismore community ticks all the

Sarah did some initial research into costing a suitable music system for the hall and got several quotes. She later asked Davie Garret for advice as he has procured a rented music system for a couple of concerts on the island, and the sound quality was excellent. Davie then agreed to put together a spec for a PA and Sound System tailored to the Hall and the needs of the community.  

The total cost of this system is 7,005.67 which is well within the grant limit of 10,000

The following is a breakdown of equipment quoted for:


2 versatile mics for various instruments
1 sensitive vocal mic for recording and calm performances
2 vocal mics for musical performances ( tough use)
2 public speaking mics.
A set of 6 drum mics (essential for controlling pitch and sound level)
1 cordless radio mic for speakers in hall 

Good quality leads
Mic Stands
Mixer control deck
 good quality and sturdy
Monitors x 4
(which allow performers to hear themselves)
An amplifier
Table lamp clip-on
Long cable
and cable protector which will be taped to wall
2 wall-mounted speakers  

Korg 32 Track Digital Recorder

Yorick Paine has volunteered to build a Gigrig on castors which would sit permanently on the stage. Roger Dixon-Spain volunteered to build a cupboard in which the gigrig could be securely stored.

Training to use the equipment
Davie will write clear and easy to use instructions for hall users, eg Country Dance Group, to play CDs

All the other equipment will require specialist training which Davie will give to a small number of musically literate people on the island.


-Will there be an induction loop for people with hearing aids?
Sarah will enquire about incorporating this into the grant application. 

 -Wear and tear will be an issue.  Will there be insurance? 
Sarah to discuss this with hall committee

-Could there be some sound insulation in the hall to cut down noise at night if the hall is going to be a more popular venue for gigs?
This was discussed at some length. It was thought that general heat insulation of the hall will have to be considered in the near future and this may well help with cutting down the noise level.  Much of the disturbance arises from noisy people and cars late at night, rather than the actual music. 

The general feeling at the end of the meeting was positive and a decision to go ahead with the grant application was made.

Sarah was thanked for her presentation, and Davie will be formally thanked by the Hall Committee for all his thoughtful and hard work producing the detailed spec.