Book Fair at the Museum


For the second year running, November was brightened up by a week of literary events at the Museum. Monday was storytelling with Freda MacGregor telling folk tales of old Lismore and Appin and Malcolm MacCorquodale recalling in vivid detail the holidays he spent with this grandparents and uncles and aunts at Port Ramsey. Tuesday was poetry reading with Pauline Dowling reading her own work and others bringing along their favourite poems. Play reading on Wednesday was great fun and then on Thursday and Friday Waterstones were in the museum doing a brisk trade. Also available was a comprehensive selection of second hand books in the library. Saturday was a fun day for the children led by Laura Cook who for some time has been organising a Saturday Gaelic youth club.


The poetry reading was further enhanced by two visitors (a married couple no longer living in Argyll) who happily took part. She was interested to talk to those who knew of her grandmother who had been born at Point House at the end of the nineteenth century. She also recited a poem she had been taught by Iain Crichton Smith, the poet and novelist who wrote in both Gaelic and English, at Oban High School. Robert Frost’s 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening' is known to many who were taught by Iain Crighton Smith. They were amazed to discover such literary goings on in Lismore as well as delicious fare in the café and will be back. It is a great richness for the island to be able to stage such events in such comfortable and lovely surroundings. Last year a party from Norway arrived in the midst of the Book Fair and were astonished as they expected to see a few sheep and cattle, have a good bike ride in peace but a book fair! Never.



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