Armistice Week on Lismore

The Lismore Gaelic Heritage Centre hosted a week of remembrance to commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the signing of the Armistice which ended the First World War. Most of the events were held in or around the museum where there was also a poignant exhibition of photographs, documents and artefacts telling the stories of Lismore’s war and of the men and women who left the island; some of them never to return.

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Descendants of the Islanders who fought in WW1

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The week opened with a fascinating account of the lives of these men and women told by Ailsa and David Clark who have done extensive research on the subject. For this occasion the café served WW1 food!

The week continued with a Remembrance Service in the church followed by lunch in the café; a community gathering at the Monument at 11am on Tuesday and a research session with the primary school children in the Museum. Sadly, the storyteller who was due on Monday was kept away by fierce storms.  

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To close the week, Lismore Youth Theatre Company in collaboration with The Walking Theatre Company performed a magnificent promenade play, ‘Coming Home Again’ specially researched by the Youth Theatre Company and written by Sadie Dixon-Spain of the Walking Theatre Company to tell the stories of some of the Liosachs who fought or nursed in the War. Many of the audience were visibly moved by this excellent performance.

The Walking Theatre Company is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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'Coming Home Again' Young Men and Women of Lismore Set sail for the War
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These two companies will work together again in the summer to form ‘The Homecoming Company in Residence’ attached to the Heritage Centre. They will perform innovative and exciting ‘walking plays’ comprising again of professional actors and Lismore’s Youth Theatre who will join as apprentices for the project.  

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'Coming Home Again' Young Men and Women of Lismore Set sail for the War
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