The Cast in

"Sex and the City"


June 2008



Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis, who together form the folk group The Cast, have suddenly hit the big time after their haunting performance of “Auld Lang Syne” has been used in the film “Sex and the City”. The Cast performance on Lismore in March and was reviewed in these pages read it below) and, although the couple live in Edinburgh, they are often here where the family has a Carnie Cottage and where Mairi performs and teaches. The Campbells have been coming to Lismore all their lives and her sister Sarah and her family are once again going to live on the old family land at Balimakillichan. Mairi won the Citty Finlayson Scots Singer of the year at the fifth Scottish Trad Music awards in 2007 and they do have a great following but how the film came know of them remains a mystery.


Click here for The Cast 1.03.08

click here to hear Auld Lang Syne

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