The Cast in Concert



with local artists




1 March 2008



It was a great pleasure to hear The Cast perform in Lismore hall recently. The duo - Mairi Campbell on fiddle, viola and vocals and  Dave Francis on guitar and vocals, played a varied, highly accomplished, and always entertaining programme. The musical understanding between them was immediately obvious both in their performing and their prolific song writing which ranges widely over subjects and styles while always being recognisably Scottish.


There were strathspeys and reels - one dedicated to Dorothy and John Livingstone -, several songs about and for friends, and a very poignant song “Portobello Sands” inspired by the mother of a soldier serving in Basra. Stylistically Mairi says they go where the spirit takes them so we heard bluesy songs, a 50’s pastiche, a gospelly one,  and several poignant ballads. We were moved. We had fun and we were awed especially by Mairi’s virtuoso fiddle playing and her deeply effecting viola.


Mairi dedicated a hauntingly beautiful viola piece to Alistair Livingstone who had died the previous day.


On the same bill it was a great pleasure to hear piper Davie Garrett performing with local teenagers and keen musicians Murray Willis (accordion), Joe Derham (fiddle) and Colin Black (guitar), who have all benefited from Davie’s musical experience and teaching. Together they gave us marches, hornpipes, jigs, and songs Shetland  and North Uist.


After another set from The Cast the two groups played a set together before Dave and Mairi gave two unexpected encores.





The kids just had to dance



Earlier in the day Mairi had generously held two workshops one for fiddlers and the other an introduction to step dancing of which she is a great exponent and inspirational to watch.


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