Staying put success


Lunch at the Pierhouse 14 March 2008



The Argyll and Bute Staying Put programme provides services to keep older people in their homes, allowing them to live independently and to participate fully in island life. In Lismore it has been very successful partly as the result of the great enthusiasm of Jeanette Stewart and Pete Walker, who run the scheme, and partly because of the great enthusiasm of the clients. Thanks to the wheelchair accessible transport many things are possible the latest being Friday lunches at the Pier House where pensioners can eat a two course meal for 5 a head. In addition they are able to go to the shop, visit friends, go to the library and the cafe, attend community events, as well as enjoying visits to Oban for various appointments which would be very difficult without help. Other vital services include installing safety equipment in homes, giving carers short breaks, and providing information on maximising benefit entitlement.


The service, which is funded by the Scottish Executive and Argyll and Bute, is for those over 65 with no access to private transport and who cannot access public transport.


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