Some local problems


23 February 2008



Parking at Port Appin


Even in Winter, the off season, the parking at Port Appin is the great unsolved problem which is blocking all plans to attract tourists as increasing  numbers will make it worse. Already the available car parking is inadequate leading to inconvenience to all users especially islanders (who have no option but to drive) and residents of Port Appin who see their pretty cul de sac increasingly car clogged. As, in the minds of the council, it goes hand in hand with the ferry outcome, no attempt is being made it solve it so all development is hobbled before it begins. Yet the Museum, the cafe, shop, the tourist accommodation all need visitors who will experience such peace they will come again and again! They don't want to be frazzled before they start and we don't want to be thinking about it every time we leave the island. Time for some blue sky thinking!



Roads and Ditches




It was a great relief to see that Argyll and Bute had sent a Highway Maintenance team to clear the ditches which have been partly responsible for the extensive flooding that results from heavy rain. However, the real problem is the giant potholes which are a danger to cars, their drivers and cyclists. The islandís roads are as bad as they have ever been since the resident roadman post was abolished (last century), and the more they are neglected the bigger the job will be.


According to those who know the rain is much heavier than it used to be and the water table is so high that even after one day or night's rain there are lochans in the fields and alas on the road despite the newly dug ditches.


This winter has been very wet with only one spell of frosty sunny days when the photo above was taken and which is the winter most prefer.


When the rain stops will try to get some pictures to illustrate above!

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