Barn Fire At Stronacroibh


18 April 2008

A serious fire destroyed Lillian Colthartís barn at Stronacroibh but fortunately did not reach her nearby house. The strong, cold, north east wind was responsible for the fierce flames and for two of the three lambs being in the barn as they had just had a very difficult birth.

Lilian had not long finished her last round of the sheep when she was alerted to the fire when her power went off.


The volunteer fire fighters were on the scene by 9pm and fought the fire until nearly 2am. The worst loss was the three lambs but the barn was also full of bikes, mowers, a small scooter and other farm/garden tools.



 Lilian had earlier tried to rescue what she thought was a sheep and three lambs but she was beaten back and it was not until two days later she realised the sheep had escaped somehow and seems none the worse for her ordeal.

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