My little piece of Scotland

by Holly Morton aged 12


the following piece appeared in Spectrum, part of Scotland on Sunday.

What it lacks in shops and supermarkets, the little Hebridean island of Lismore makes up for in natural beauty, friendly people and great fishing spots.



I HAVE chosen to do My Little Piece of Scotland on the Island of Lismore. It lies between Oban and Mull so it's not too far away from where I live. My granny came from Lismore and owned a lovely little cottage there. Unfortunately she has passed on, so my dad and uncles own it now. We usually go up to Lismore two, sometimes three times a year. It is a very outdoor sort of holiday, I can tell you that. I love going there because the island's people are so welcoming and friendly and its landscape is just spectacular.

Lismore's original name was 'Lios Mr', which is Gaelic for 'great garden', and if you could see it, you would know why. It is only about 12 miles long and there are only about 176 people living there, so not many people know about it. I find that a shame because I'm sure if more people knew of it, the island would have many more visitors.

Having a look at the Isle of Lismore website ( is a good idea because there is lots of information on there about the island.

There aren't any clothes shops or supermarkets in Lismore, just a single shop, a post office. But don't get me wrong, it has most of the things anyone would need in it. There is also a big church with a graveyard in which my granny and grandad are buried. Also a ferry comes to the island from Oban, and one from Port Appin. It has one primary school made up of two rooms and there is a recent addition to the island, a heritage centre and museum and cafe.

When I go to Lismore I like going walks and cycle runs, but most of all I enjoy fishing. I have caught three fish there and have my own rod. Although sometimes it can get freezing, I love it. If we do catch a fish, one of our old neighbours fillets it and that's very helpful.

Well, I suppose that's My Little Piece of Scotland. Thanks for reading.


Holly is the daughter of Melanie Jackson and Peter Morton and granddaughter of the late Mary Morton

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