Gaelic weekend and Ceilidh  


Eleven Gaelic students from Edinburgh visited the island on the 13 September to spend the weekend learning and speaking Gaelic. 
They were accompanied by their tutor Ann Patterson and one Lismore student attended the Saturday morning classes held in the Heritage centre with Margaret MacDonald and Paddy MacNicol tutoring. After lunch in the café Freda MacGregor gave the group a tour of the island in the community minibus and a ceilidh dance in the evening was very well attended. 
Dancing was to the Cast Ewe band (Angus Nicolson, Ian Cameron and Murdo Cameron) and Donald Black was the host. The Lismore Boys ceilidh band (Davie Garret on pipes, Colin Black on guitar and Murray Willis on accordion) performed as did the Lismore primary pupils with an action song and Mary MacDougall, Laura Cook, Katy Wright, Sophie King, and Duncan Livingstone sang. 
The visiting students also performed. On the Sunday the group joined locals at a church service with the new minister and left the island on the 2 ferry.