Draught Foals Rescued


15 January 2008



It is some decades since the last working horses died on Lismore, but now Nicky and Simon Lewis have rescued two small Comtois draught horses from France who were on their way to the butcher in Italy which, Nicky said, seemed a tragedy at only seven months. So, rashly or otherwise, they rescued six and had them brought over by Gordon the horse transporter. Four now have homes in Aberdeen and two females arrived very happily on the Oban ferry on 8 January. They are very pretty chestnut with flaxen manes - and in three years they will start work on the land again.


 In France they are used extensively for ploughing, logging and pulling carts etc as they are very hard working and powerful but also very calm and sociable. They have very short back legs which makes them great for the rugged Lismore terrain which is not unlike the mountainous area they come from in Franche Comte.



Note short strong back legs.

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