Comann Eachraidh news

Ceilidh Dance

A hugely successful evening of music and dancing was held at Lismore Community Hall on Friday 15 August organised by the Comann Eachdraidh Lois Mor. The talented line up of visiting performers included two Mod gold medallists, singers Raymond Bremner and Duncan MacDonald,  as well as F Ann MacLean, Morag Smith, Calum Cameron, Charlie MacColl, and piper Calum MacColl. The visitors were joined by local performers Duncan Livingstone, Mary MacDougall, Laura Cook, Katie Wright, and 8 year old Sophie King. Balaich Lios Mr, the Ceilidh band, with Davie Garrett on small pipes, Murray Willis on accordion and Colin Black on guitar, also performed some sets.

The evening was hosted with skill and wit by Agnes MacLean and after the Ceilidh the dancing was to The George Smith band from Fort William


Anniversary of the Armistice

To commemorate the 90th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice there will be a WW1 display of Lismore's war in the museum from 8 to 15 November. The week will open with stories of Liosachs who fought told by Ailsa Templeton who has researched the subject for seven years and who was, for a year, a guide in the graveyards and battlefields of Northern France. The cafe will serve WW1 food for the afternoon.

As part of the Armistice Celebrations the Lismore Youth Theatre will be performing their very first 'walking theatre' production at the Heritage Centre. This short play will take the audience on a journey back through time and tells a tale of families lost and families returned. Inspired by the real people of Lismore this interpretative work is the company's living story of historical events and the lives of Lismore. Sponsored by the Heritage Lottery Fund the work is a collaboration  with the Lismore Heritage Center and The Walking Theatre Company.

Book Fair


From 24 to 29 November there is to be a Book Fair at the museum with book sales, a visit from Waterstones on Thurs 27th, poetry readings, story telling and a literary afternoon for the primary school. It is hoped that all local writers and storytellers will take part in what promises to be a very interesting week.



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