Amnesty Bash


6 June 2008

There was an impressive line up of talent at the recent Amnesty bash organised and run by local teenagers Josie, Tess, and Ruirigh McMeddes with help from the Hall committee and parents. The musical talent amongst the island's teenagers is outstanding for such a small community and thanks to their enthusiasm and motivation they were able to draw on talent from their friends in the Oban area and beyond.

The hall committee is keen to provide more entertainment for the children and young adults and this was a great example of what can be done.

The Spin Offs, No Nightmares and the Ceilidh Band were on the bill and an open mic session gave opportunities for others.

The Spin Offs headlined playing for the longest time. They are all from Oban high  and are Rurigh McMeddes vocals, Craig MacDonald lead guitar, Cammy Boyd rhythm guitar, Iain Harris bass and Scott Jackson drums. Ghita Craig was guest vocalist.

The ceilidh band is an all Lismore line up run by experienced piper Davie Garrett with teenagers Joe Derham on fiddle, Colin Black on guitar and Murray Willis on accordion.

Colin Black is also drummer with No Nightmare along with James Barstow lead singer and guitar, Guy Forteith lead guitar and Fraser Tinney bass.

Josie McMeddes played the keyboard as a soloist and with singer Sarah Campbell.  Primary school guitar player Shona Wright played with Rurigh McMeddes and piper Laura Underwood, from Oban High, performed.

The memorable evening cleared 300 split between Amnesty and the Hall Committee. Many congratulations to all concerned. 

photos from Gill Bridle


no Nightmares   davie serves a spectre
the Celidh band strip the willow more willow

more... Laura Underwood Ahhhh

Ruridgh open mic rurigh and shona Spin offs
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