Amnesty Bash



25 January 2008


Even the stormy weather failed to dampen the spirits of the Lismore teenagers who organised the recent charity gig in aid of Amnesty International and the hall funds.

Although lack of ferries made it impossible for some band members and lots of the audience to attend, the gig went ahead and those who braved the rain and wind had a great night of music and dancing.


Two local bands were to have played but unfortunately Colin Black was the only member of No Nightmares who made it,

which meant the Spin- Offs, with front man Rurigdh McMeddes, had a busy evening.


 However Colin gave us two great guitar solos with Rurigdh on drums. Josie McMeddes was continuity for the evening as well as doing two keyboard solos and later joining with singer Sarah Campbell.



Joe Derham did two sets on the fiddle, Freda MacGregor sang, Calum Lindsay played guitar with Rurigdh, and Ghida Craig sang with the Spin Offs.



Murray Willis was to have performed but sickness kept him away. Despite everything they still managed to make a very creditable 150.



Thanks to SGE Green for the following





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