Lismore Primary and Appin Primary Schools

Friday 28th November 2008

On Friday night the Strath of Appin Primary School crossed the ferry to join Lismore Primary and stage two terrific productions, The Appin Murder Mystery and Princess Kara and the Spanish Armada.
Strath of Appin with their teacher Mrs Cook (Laura MacDougall to the locals) came over on the 5pm ferry and dined in the Hall before the plays. Mr Boyle, Laura and the children investigated the murder, visiting various local sites connected to the dastardly event. Laura then wrote the play including the songs sung during the production.
Lismore's Play was about the little known Princess Kara who, legend has it was aboard the treasure ship that was sunk in Tobermory Bay. This play was written by Mary MacDougall with the help of the Lismore children.
All the children were superb in their  characterisation of the various folk involved in the plots. A special mention must be made of Shayne, Lismore's Primary One pupil whose voice projection was awesome.
The large audience showed their appreciation of the huge amount of work that both schools put in to their plays. A fabulous night was had by all.

Below are some photos of the evening (click on any photo to enlarge)

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