Primary Highland Games

12 June 2006

Lismore Primary School played host to the first highland games held by four local primary schools, Appin, Barcaldine, Ardchatten and Lismore who together form the North Lorn Co-op.

Events got off to a fine start with the Oban High School Pipe band lead by piper Angus MaColl piped the competitors the short distance from the ferry to the school. They also entertained at various points with some fine evocative playing and the weather cooperated to make outdoors the place to be.

The children were split into four houses -  Red, yellow, green, and blue - and under the guidance of Sharon Mackechnie, a PE teacher with Argyll and Bute, they tossed wellies, skipped, jumped, threw javelins and discus and much more. It looked great fun and also worked their appetites up for the snack break at 11.15 when they were offered the most delicious sandwiches and baking mainly the work of Faye Carmichael with help from the other parents who were all very hands on with the tea making, serving, organising etc.

Before lunch the tug of war run by Jeanette Morrison and Dale  Kupris, the Active Schools Co-ordinator for Oban, was so popular it seemed unlikely to get any better but it did with the track and field events after lunch. The four head teachers Jennifer Lang Lismore, Jackie MacLarty Archatten, Gerry Boyle Appin and Jeanette Morrison Barcaldine were all on hand to present the prizes.

The community bus was busy running the Appin parents and children home and fetching the Ardchatten party after they were turned away from the MacBraynes ferry due to overcrowding despite having booked. But such minor hitches did not dampen what was a flawlessly organised and run day and a credit to all concerned.

Jackie MacLarty said of the day that she and her school had never had such a welcome and that the great feeling on Lismore had contributed to the huge success of the day with the hosts working so hard.











Jim King,Sophie's dad has given the following












the 4 heads



Jackie MacLarty Archatten, Jennifer Lang Lismore,  Gerry Boyle Appin and Jeanette Morrison Barcaldine

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