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19 February 2007


Museum Appointment


The Comann Eachdraidh is happy to announce that it has filled the post of Museum Development Officer for the new Gaelic Heritage Museum – Ionad Naomh Moluag - and that it will be shared between Catherine Gillies and Jennifer Baker. Catherine and her team from the MacDougall Collection have been doing the work since the departure of Cait McCullough. She brings a great deal of experience from the media as, before the MacDougall Collection, Catherine worked for the BBC and on the Oban Times. Jennifer’s experience comes from education and journalism: she was a faculty head of English in Lancaster for a number of years before moving to Lismore with her husband Tony Baker and running Camus Growers, a horticultural business which supplies Lismore with plants and vegetable baskets. She has also been doing relief teaching in Lismore Primary and Oban High and is a regular contributor to the Times Educational Supplement.


Catherine Gillies and Jennifer Baker


The power is on.....


On 15 February the south end of the island lost its power for 4 hours when they put power into the new Museum




So is the grass roof..


And here it is early March



....and The Herald came to hear all about it for a spread in the Saturday Magazine on10 March 2007. Below with members of the Comann Eachdraidh. The Herald Photographer and Writer are the tall ones in the back  


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