Hall Fund Raising

23 September 2007

The Committee was busy for the Glasgow weekend with a dance to the music of Charlie Kirkpatrick on the Friday and a produce sale and teas on the Sunday. The rainy warm weather meant lots of wonderful produce with great globes of cabbages,  parsnips, courgettes, beetroot, broccoli, and squashes all testifying to why Lismore is called the big garden almost incapable of producing modestly sized vegetables. Lismore Highland beef was also a big seller as well as the cakes, bread and biscuits. The afternoon teas were popular with visitors and locals with a queue for tables at one point. The committee has worked very hard this year getting the hall done up and it is now looking very smart with improvements on going. Local halls are an asset no community can afford to let go and Lismore has a hall committee dedicated and equal to the task of not just maintenance but also improvement.




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