Explore Appin and Lismore


19 February 2007



The Steering Group set up following the consultants’ report have been discussing which suggestions to implement and in which order. Some funding has already been secured for an area website, and an open day on Lismore to generate business opportunities in Appin and Lismore and informative panels at ferry terminals are in the pipeline.


The idea is to generate tourists without destroying any of the peaceful qualities of the area or making the parking problem at Port Appin worse. Despite the urgency of this matter no long term solution is forthcoming and waiting for the possibility of a vehicle ferry is not the solution as increased tourists’ numbers will be needed to make Lismore’s new Museum, Ionad Naomh Moluag, viable once it is opened on 17 March 2007. Meanwhile it is hoped that Lismore and Port Appin will both be included in the SUSTRANS cycle routes linked to the proposed Oban to Fort William cycle way which will generate tourists through both without exacerbating the parking problem.


In Appin a sub-committee is investigating footpaths, parking and mooring facilities as well as looking at ways to ease the parking problems.  A review had been made of footpaths in the Appin area which should form the basis of a walks’ booklet. 


A logo for the project is needed and the committee has chosen two which will be circulated to all households with a return voting slip and envelop which must reach the committee by 2 April 2007.

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