Comann Eachraidh Ceilidh


31 August 2007


Alex and Agnes MacLean organised and hosted another enjoyable ceilidh for the Comann Eachdraidh to raise funds for the October Mod in Lochaber. It was a great treat to hear again the amazing 90 year old Archie MacLean whose vocal and interpretative powers show no signs of declining. Raymond Bremner made a late but welcome appearance having driven in heavy traffic and getting a special ferry and his wonderful singing, musicianship, and wit were evident in his solos and his duets with F Ann MacLean. Ann too was on top form with her 2 year old daughter dancing about her feet showing early signs of her own ability.  The evening was well led by the lively Lochaber Trio who soon had people dancing and other the singers Morag Smith, Charlie MacColl, Calum Smith, and Duncan Livingstone added to the audienceís pleasure. Special mention must be made of the islandís 13 year old Murray Willis whose accordion solos were very accomplished.




      and then the dancing  


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