Viking Gold


24 May 2007


The latest prized exhibit at Lismore’s new museum - Ionad Naomh Moluag - is a small intricately worked piece of Viking gold which was found near Kilcheran. Dr Sharon Webb, Curator of Kilmartin House Museum, delivered the gold to Catherine Gillies – joint Museum Development Officer, on behalf of Argyll and Bute Museum collection who have been given care of it since it was declared treasure trove. It is on loan for a year initially.



The gold is made up of two beaten twisted strands  and is a Norse link plate for an armlet of the 8th to 10th Century and would have been known as ring money, or wealth held in jewellery, which could be used to trade by removing some part of it as necessary.

Stone Axe



Getting treasures back to the island is part of the Museum Development Officers’ remit and they are off to an auspicious start. Also on loan from Argyll and Bute is a stone axe head (around 3000 BC) found on Lismore and later in the year a copy of the Book of Kells will be on display in the Museum Library which will be of great interest to scholars as well as visitors.


Wall Hanging


On display in the Library is this lovely wall Hanging designed by Mary Smith and donated to the museum.



The artists has said:


"The work's treatment of themes such as landscape, art and spirituality should inspire debate on the importance of these subjects in our history and our present day."


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