5 March 2007


There has been a quiet revolution in waste disposal in the last few months. The weekly collection now takes away household refuse one week and waste paper, cardboard etc. the other. In November green and blue wheelie bins and a black home composting bin were delivered to all accessible houses. At the same time recycling facilities at Achnacroish have expanded but with the loss of the large skip that previously took away bulky items. This has been replaced by a quarterly bulky domestic uplift, the first of which took place in January. It is now possible to recycle bottles of all colours, as well as plastic drink and milk bottles and washing up and fabric conditioner bottles as long as they have either a 1 or 2 on their base. A bin for drink and food cans was promised and its failure to appear is being investigated. Households in Port Ramsey have two large green refuse bins and one blue for paper etc. some say these are not adequate and will have trouble coping in the Summer. Also the jury is out on how successful all this has been as winter winds do lead to flying, rolling bins jettisoning contents.


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