Lismore Youth Theatre




Two short plays based on ancient legends of Lios Mòr


20 and 21 October 2007



These young players certainly deserve a bigger audience. They were quite simply outstanding in their first outing performing 2 short plays written jointly by Jennifer Baker and David Garrett who also wrote the very evocative music. The first play told the story of Moluag’s successful struggle with Columba who, from his powerful position on Iona, tried to claim Lismore without reckoning on Moluag’s quiet certainty and calmness. The action was stylised with static declamation conveying the action in a moving and powerful way.










Caifin tells the story of Beothail the Norwegian princess pining for her husband Magnus of Voss dying in a far off battle field. Feeling imprisoned in Castle Coeffin she begs her brother to

carry her body back to Norway where she is reunited in death with her love. The focussed and well projected young voices delivered all the tragedy and pathos this moving saga needed.










The players were Joe Derham, Rurigdh McMeddes, Murray Willis, Bryony Lewis, Tess McMeddes, Josie McMeddes and Ruben Campbell Paine. Jennifer Baker directed, David Garret was Music Director and sound man, Catherine Gillies and Gill and David Meddes did the costumes, Ina MacColl and Tony Baker the set, Tony Baker the lighting and Sadie Dixon Spain was Drama Consultant.
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