Kenneth Stevens Visits






Dunkeld based poet Kenneth Stevens has published several volumes of poetry as well as books for children such as "The Dragon Kite" and "The Sea Mice and the Stars". Recently Kenneth enchanted a Lismore audience of all age groups with readings from his latest volume "Salt and Light" as well as earlier ones such as "Iona". The audience loved his finely crafted, accessible, and at times very moving work with its strong visual images and sound pictures. Kenneth's inspiration comes from nature, from rural and island Scotland, and its people. One poem about the passing of the last Gaelic speaker on Iona seemed very relevant as he was reading in the new Gaelic Heritage Museum. Another about an island musician, whose inspiration had blown in with the wind from the sea, only to blow off again with the musician's death, hinted at the fragility of island traditions where nothing was written down.


The readings were followed by an informal question and answer session, and some of his work in book and CD form was available to buy.



Kenneth had earlier spent time with the children of Lismore Primary School. He was pleased to see they had more than a basic knowledge of poetry writing and he built on that showing them how to paint pictures with words, to look for exciting and descriptive words, and to use all the senses to describe a feeling or a scene. Afterwards they went out to find inspiration under overhanging cliffs, in the still canopy of woodland, and by a Kings Burial Circle, and then under a tree in Newfield they sat together and wrote and read their poems aloud. A magical day they all agreed.





Big wild read


During the summer the children had been involved in the Big Wild Read, a programme organised by Barbara MacDougall at the heritage museum library and Kenneth was pleased to be able to present certificates to all those who had followed the programme.

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