25th June 2007.

Newsletter explaining New Pricing Structure

There have been a number of very important developments recently with the operation of our mini bus.

Firstly we no longer are operating with any grant funding and although we are currently pursuing various funders we have not as yet secured any grants. This means that we are operating purely on what income we are receiving from our hires. Our annual accounts show that we are operating at a loss of approximately 2700 and as our funds to date stand at approx 1500 this is clearly going to present very serious problems in the very near future. As well as grants we hope to carry out a number of fund raising activities as it is very important that we can show funders that our community wants this bus and are willing to support it.

Secondly whilst we enjoyed the grant assistance of the past 5 years this allowed us to subsidise the cost of transporting our mini bus to and from the mainland we are obviously no longer in a position to do this. We have been informed by Caledonian MacBraynes that they are no longer willing to grant us the concessionary car rate and we now are being charged as a commercial vehicle which has increased the cost of a single journey from 14.33 per trip to 55 per trip.

We have to make 5 return journeys per year in order to carry out our 10 week check which is required under the section 19 bus permit which we operate with.

Given the above we are being forced to change our price structure and as from the 1st July 2007 they will be as follows:

Local Groups on Lismore 25.00 per day plus 50p per mile

Local Groups off Lismore 35.00 per day plus 60p per mile

Non-Local Groups on Lismore 45.00 per day plus 50p per mile

Non Local Groups off Lismore 45.00 per day plus 60p per mile

We plan to put notices at the shop and on the website when the bus is off the island to allow groups to plan ahead for trips off the island. Our mini bus has been well used by all groups on and off the island and we hope that you will continue to support and use your mini bus over the coming year.

With many thanks on behalf of Lismore Community Transport Committee

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