Lismore Book Fair

27 November to 1 December 2007

At Lismore's first ever Book Fair, events were held all week at the Museum in the hope that at this empty time of the year visitors would find something surprising and of interest. To this end the Museum even laid on the community bus to meet every ferry on the 29th and unfortunately the expected hordes did not materialise. As lack of transport from the ferry is very often given as the reason people don't cross the water, this was  disappointing. However two women from Holland turned up on their bikes and were absolutely delighted and amazed to see what a small community with so many sheep was producing. Inspiring, they said, for any small community.

However throughout the week second hand books were bought and sold and there was some interest in the poetry reading and storytelling events organised by Barbara McDougall. Davie Meddes told the story of the dragon of Behr from the cafe balcony, and a tale from Bunessan of how Hector rowed the whale ashore. Freda Macgregor dressed as a spinning woman to recount with gusto various strange highland tales.

Waterstone's took over the exhibition room at the Museum for two days and the cafe served Christmas fare daily and on one evening mulled wine.

Davie storytelling Freda storytelling Davie again

Waterstones bookshop

Museum shop gets festive

secondhand books

The week finished with the children’s fun day which was three hours of games, stories and learning to make a book from scratch. Thanks to the skill of Catherine Gillies they all had a great time as she kept them keen and interested despite the ages ranging from 3 to 12. The book making was part of the Book Fair week and aimed to show the children how book making is a technology like any other and hand making was how it all started. The children were very pleased with their efforts as each one was unique and personal, unlike mass produced books.

Catherine storytelling

book making



dressing game



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