School Showcase day

20 December 2007 


In the last week of term the school opened its doors to all islanders to come and see what they’d been up to in their first term with the new head teacher Jennifer Lang and to enjoy some seasonal entertainment and festive cheer.

pre five's action songs


pre five's action songs

On arrival we were all given a gift the children had made and they then entertained us, the pre-fives with festive action songs and the older children Gaelic Christmas carols.


Connor McLarney's pier

After some communal carols we were invited to look around at walls and classrooms festooned with their art, crafts, ideas, and computer animations all on the theme of Past Present and Future of the island.


Eoghan' Perkin's pier



a composite


Museum Exhibition


The school then took their work to the museum for the holiday season so that visitors could interact with the results of their findings. They had spent much time interviewing the older  Liosachs to find out what earlier lives has been like, going out and about with their cameras and drawing what they found, and then speculating on how the island might develop. There were also interactive displays which they made after their recent visit to Kelvingrove Art Gallery. Visitors were invited to leave comments on how they found the island changed. Chief among dramatic changes were the arrival of electricity and all that meant, as well as piped water and transport. we all walk less.


past croft house present croft house future house


future students and subjects


Kirsty & Shona's family





some of the interactive exhibits
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