Raft Race and Sports

21 July 2007

The results:

Raft Race: -  judges - Davie Garrett and Rose Howard ( they also presented the prizes)
Juniors-  First home - David Bruce
                 Best Raft - David Bruce
                 Best name - Beagan Dearg
Adults  - First home - MacDougall/Cook Conspiracy
                Best Raft - Zeus
                Best Name - Erin go Brath
Hill Races: - Men - Lamont MacGillivray
Hill Race medals - children - Stuart Urquhart and Eilidh Willis
                                   teenagers - Calum MacGillivray and Rachel MacLean
Champion trophies: Teenage boys - David Colthart
                                     Teenage girls - Rachel MacLean
                                      Men's - Robbie Cook
                                      Ladies' - Teenie Wilson
The Ted Memorial Cup : Robbie Cook 

Tug of War: The north won 3-1

                     North: Mens teenage children

                     South: Womens                     


And here is what happened..........

The children's raft race went off without incident and, although some found it hard going, they persevered and below right we have the winners.

The adults lined up well but major sabotage of what they thought was the strongest entry (Lismore cafe) allowed the MacDougall/Cook Conspiracy (below) to walk it.

The women made it home in Flower Powered their decorations still in one piece.


and so to the crowd.......


and the sports....

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