Farewellto Freda

15 June 2007


Islanders met in the hall to say farewell and thank you to Freda MacGregor for her 20 years as Head Teacher of Lismore Primary School. Freda’s hard work and enthusiasm has seen a generation of pupils through to Oban High and beyond.

Mary MacDougall, who has taught alongside Freda for most of that time, offered amusing memories interspersed with items from children and teachers past and present. From the young adults we heard impressive playing from Murray Willis on the accordion, Rurigdh Meddes, the acoustic guitar, Colin Black, the electric guitar and Joe Derham the fiddle. All started their music in Lismore Primary as did Laura Cook (MacDougall) who sang in Gaelic and who is herself now a teacher with a daughter in the school’s pre fives. Mary herself also sang and Ivor Brown played the accordion.


The highlight of the evening was Archie MacGillivray presenting Freda with a quilt designed and made by the children, parents and teachers under the supervision of Caroline Willis and Sarah Campbell. Freda was greatly moved to receive this and also her other presentations of jewellery and an engraved jug. Barbara MacDougall, to thank Freda for all her work at the wee manse, presented her with a framed engraved poem. 



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