Proud Grandparents



Three sets of grandparents have reason to be very proud that their grandchildren are carrying on the Gaelic tradition and culture even though no longer resident on Lismore. Margaret Macdonald’s grandson, the talented piper 20 year old Angus Nicholson, has been given a Dewar Arts Award with which he is planning to buy a set of Fred Morrison Reel Pipes. Angus has been playing since he was 9 and has won many competitions all over Scotland. He is often heard in Lismore where his talent is much appreciated.

Left:Angus playing at the opening of Taigh Iseabal Dhaidh in 2002.

Right: with Sarah Naylor playing a set of stunning reels at the Comann Eachdraidh Ceilidh in 2005



Mhairi Smith’s granddaughter, Sarah Urquhart (13), is in her second year at Hill Park Secondary in Glasgow where she studies Gaelic. Sarah was recently placed second for a Bardach she entered in BBC Scotland competition which attracted 600 entries. Sarah won herself £20. Roma and Donald Black’s grandson, 7 year old Alexander Moock, who goes to a Gaelic medium school in Stirling has won £25 for his Bardach in a competition run by Scottish Natural Heritage and second prize for a poster he designed for De Nis as part of the October Mod in Stornaway.


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