Lismore Post Office the Best


October 2006

It's official..........


Thanks to the hard work and dedication of David and Teenie Wilson, the Lismore Post Office has beaten 1,100 other entrants and been named the best Rural Post Office in Scotland and will now go forward to the national final. David and Teenie would have travelled to London for the occasion but they are to be on holiday so Janette Stewart and Anne Livingstone are to represent them at a lunch at the Grosvenor Hotel on 16 November.


 On a very wet Monday during one of many power cuts recently Andy Bayfield, head of Community Business Development North, was in Lismore to present a mock up of the prize, the real one being saved for the London presentation. He said the competition was based on many things including a visit from a mystery shopper. Needless to say David spotted the mysterious stranger buying a stamp and asking about investments. She may have got away with one stamp but no-one has ever come all the way to Lismore to ask about investments. Our ferries donít encourage that sort of impulse shopping. Yet David acquitted himself with his usual unflappable charm and passed with flying colours. There were also forms in the Post Office which locals could send in with their views: these were universally praiseworthy as no-one has ever said other than positive things about a man who is always polite, helpful and is never rattled by the strangest requests or the most bizarre behaviour and who has an excellent knowledge of this customersí needs.


Although this was all about the Post Office, the shop is so good it contributes to Post Office use. If there is something David hasnít got and he thinks he can get it you can be sure he will. Under his management there is very little we want for from Teddy Bears in Isle of Lismore sweaters, to pesto, parma ham and a great variety of cheese. David will also advise on presents for children: tell him the age and he will have something to suit. Personal shopping starts here.


David and Teenie are often helped out by Anne, Janette and Gill and together they make the post office and shop the very pleasant hub of a very pleasant island.


More news of the national final when it comes.


 At the ceremony...

Janette Stewart, Lorraine Kelly and Anne Livingstone at The Grosvenor in London......... With Alan Cook the MD of the Post Office...... and finally David gets the award. Very well deserved David.
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