Comann Eachraidh Lios MÚr's


Museum Development Officer


January 2006


Congratulations and welcome to Cait  McCullagh on her appointment in December 2005 as Museum Development Officer for the Comman Eachdraidh Liosmor. Cait was one of many applicants for this interesting and challenging job and comes with am imposing list of academic qualifications matched only by her infectious enthusiasm, which will be a great help as she sets about her complex job one part of which is digitally archiving the Comannís collection, currently stored and exhibited in the schoolhouse, but later this year to be on display at the new Heritage Centre at Port Carron.


Although Cait is originally from Eire, she has lived and worked for many years in Inverness. To this exciting new post she brings not only her postgraduate research at Oxford University into the archaeological  impact of Christianity in Pictland, which included excavations in the Highlands and Islands and exhibitions at both Kirkwall and Inverness Museums, but also previous research in the fields of ethnography, Scottish Medieval literature, ethnobotany and linguistics. It would seem therefore that Cait knows more about Lismore than the Liosachs but she insists that of great importance for any museum is the narrative of those who have lived here in all ages (including the present) which gives life to the objects and displays.


On the 9 and 10 February Cait is planning 2 open days in the Lismore Hall where the entire collection will be on display and volunteers will be recording comments, association, stories, and memories from islanders. 

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