"Explore Appin and Lismore"



March 2006



"Explore Appin and Lismore" is the catch phrase which Small Town and Rural Development Group have come up with as they prepare to publish “A heritage Interpretation and Visitor Management Strategy for Appin and Lismore”. As reported here, they were appointed in October 2005 by the Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr acting with Appin Historical Association, the two Community Councils, and Appin Cooperative in Port Appin with funding from Scottish Natural Heritage. In the last four months they have worked extensively with both communities to find out what the locals consider the best way forward so this exceptional area can play a vital part in Scottish tourism without destroying any of the essential peace and beauty. Naturally the emphasis is to be on walking and cycling, improving access to historical places, disseminating information and creating signage and all done not by despoiling anything but by enhancement. Once the study is published there will be opportunities for the two communities working together to decide how, when, and in what order this enhancement should be implemented.


The idea of the two communities working together is the key to the success of the implementation of the proposals: both have so much to offer the visitor already. But in Lismore's case not yet the cup of tea they all want. At the moment someone stepping off the ferry at Achnacroich or Point with no prior knowledge through the website or guide book, is lost. However if they are stepping off the cruise ship m.v. Hebridean Princess they are guaranteed a guided tour and it is hoped in the future that all tourists can be afforded the same treatment should they want it.


The Hebridean Princess made its first of many calls to Lismore on the 8 March.


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