Farewell to the Minister


20 August 2006


When Lismore said goodbye to their minister, the Rev John Murdoch and his family, the day was a mixture of celebration of his time running the parish and sadness at his going. Sunday 27 August was a beautiful day which meant the after the midday service the reception for John and his family was held in St Moluag’s Church grounds (the wee manse). Duncan MacGregor spoke movingly of what the Minister’s time had meant to the church members and on their behalf presented an old and rare book about the archaeological survey of Lorne and Lismore “The Ancient Monuments Book on Lorn”, as well as a number of photos of the inside and outside of the church.


Mairi Perkins then spoke on behalf of the Sunday School and presented John with a paperweight and Diana Murdoch with flowers and chocolates.


In the evening the members of the Appin congregation came across for a joint service to celebrate the five years that the Rev John Murdoch has been the spiritual leader of the Parish of Lismore and Appin.


The Guild served tea to all after the service.



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