March 2006



Out of hours Medical Cover


The provision of out of hours medical cover is still of great concern to all islanders but following negotiations with Argyll and Clyde Health Board, the Ambulance Service and Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, it looks hopeful that a pilot project could be introduced. This would mean all groups working together with Lismoreís Volunteer fire fighters co-responding to any emergency with the proviso that medical cover would attend if necessary.




The islandís petrol problems are by no means at an end. Anyone who has had to take their car or even just their cans on the Achnacroish ferry to fill up knows what a long involved time consuming chore it is with forms to fill and placards to display. All for safety of course which is necessary but it is a far cry from the painless years when the Point ferry took and returned the cans which Gunns faithfully filled. Efforts to make the getting of petrol easier continue through the Community Council

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