Orkestra Del Sol

24 March 2006


Orkestra Del Sol is an amazing 12-piece  (11 came to Lismore), brass woodwind and percussion band from Edinburgh who not only play with great verve and flare but also march about, sing, clown, interact with the audience and teach necessary dance steps. They say they can play on a stage or in a field and in Lismore they did both and, though the cattle and sheep were most appreciative, a disappointingly small number turned out to hear them in the hall. However those who did had a great night, energetically dancing to carnival classics, gypsy polkas, calypsos and waltzes. The group, which consisted of trumpet, soprano, alto and tenor saxes, trombone, bassoon, clarinets, violin, accordion, percussion wore sharp black and red suits, hats and costume jewellery and even when playing complicated music they were able to draw in the audience with their po-faced clowning.


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