Mapping Memories of Lismore


June 2006


The first two of what may become many ‘Map Ceilidhs’ – evenings of stories, memories, information and poetry and music – were held at Julian and Carol’s at the south end and Stuart and Pauline’s in the north.


Both began by sitting around a large painted map of Lismore and passing around some of the objects and images from the Comann Eachdraidh’s collection. From the south they had a slate from Baligrundle school, the original doorkeys of the United Free Church, some Kilcheran linen and pictures of the  limekilns. The result was discussions as diverse as the Cheyne Clearances, the laundry house at Kilcheran, The WWII bombing of ships in Loch Linnhe and the escape of the Aga Khan’s horses, the Benderloch ferry, the Lismore branch of the Highland Land League, Norse place names, distilling and much more.


The north end memories were equally wide ranging after seeing pictures which included members of the MacCaig family, the original Point Cottage, and Baligarve school. Some talked about where they went to school, who taught them, when various schools closed and what it was like going to the high school and staying in digs. The tragic fire at Achuran and the once beautiful gardens at Achuran House also featured. Incoming wives told of how the nursing connection brought many first on their holidays then to stay when they married a Liosach and raised families and farmed alongside the Liosach men. Everyone present had a personal story of their life on Lismore, whether they had been born here or had moved here.





There are ceilidhs planned at  Baleveolan and Laggan, and all who feel they have something to share about the locality are welcome.  By gathering in this way and continuing to value the importance of Lismore’s oral tradition both past and present, there is an opportunity to ensure that this heritage can be shared long into the future.

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