Quick Action &Smoke

Detectors Save the day



March 2006

Thanks to the quick response of the householder and the efficient working of the smoke detectors, serious damage was averted in a Lismore house. The fire started in the junction box in the electrical cupboard in the early hours of the morning and, hearing the alarm, Iris MacColl of Mid Farm, Achinduin, did all the right things: she got her family up and out, rang the emergency service and closed all doors and windows. Within 10 minutes the volunteer fire fighters were there and able to contain the fire with CO2 and BCF powder as, being electrical, they could not use water. They then had to keep an eye on the fire until the Emergency Scottish and Southern Electric team arrived just after 7 to disconnect the power.


Duncan Brooks, leader of the Volunteer Team, said it was thanks to the new fire engine and the training of the volunteers that there was no serious damage or loss which there most certainly would have been under the old system. He also stressed the importance of fitting smoke detectors and of testing them once a week to make sure the batteries are still working.


Below are some of the crew who attended on manoeuvres. They practise every Monday evening and their committment to exercises and maintenance is very high.

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