Hall Committee Fundraising Weekend


22 September 2006 


The Glasgow weekend was busy for the hall committee with a Friday night Concert and Dance and a Produce Sale and teas on the Sunday. The Red Reel Ceilidh Band from Sutherland with John MacDonald on accordion, Alistair MacCrae on fiddle and Dave Goulder on vocals, opened the concert and performed along with local adults and young people. It was quite a family affair with songs from Katy Wright and her daughters Kirsty and Shona ; Mary MacDougall and her daughter Laura Cook; Heather Urquart and her daughter Sarah; and Eileen Carmichael. Stuart Urquart, Murray Willis and Calum MacGillivary played the accordion, Colin Black the guitar, and Eilidh Willis and John Carmichael recited.


After supper a very enthusiastic crowd danced to the music of the Red Reel Band who has been coming to Lismore from their native Sutherland for many years.


Red Reel Workshop


The next morning the Red Reel Band ran a workshop for musicians of all ages. Fiddle players, accordionist, drummers, as well as tin whistlers and recorder players had a chance of tuition singly and in groups. It was a great experience for all.

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