Basket Making at Salen


March 2006 

When Lismore took delivering of its new fire appliance in May 2005, Gilly Dixon-Spain was asked to design a coarse filter for the hose which could stop blockages when sucking water from burns. This she did very successfully using the willow growing on her Salen croft where, among other things, she makes baskets. And that she thought was that until Brian Sweeney, Chief Fire Officer from Strathclyde, was opening the new fire station and she suggested he might be interested in her filters for other stations. After some time Gilly assumed he was not interested due to shortage of cash  ( which he had mentioned), then suddenly in November 2005 she received a commission for 35 baskets to be ready before the end of March.  This was a tall order but she accepted the challenge using Salix Vimnalis which she had grown and collected last year and the order was completed and dispatched by mid January.


Here they are:

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