A Farewell to Beth Campbell


31 March 2006


Fund raiser extraordinaire and Youth Club Leader Beth Campbell is leaving the island to taking up the challenge of running the station restaurant on the Corrour Estate just north of Fort William. After organising 8 fund raising meals and raising over £4000 she will leave a big hole in Lismore’s social life. At her last fund raiser for Malawi (see this column), Duncan Brooks expressed the island’s thoughts as he talked about Beth and her huge contribution to all our lives while Mairi Perkins presented her with flowers, a parting gift and a sum collected on the evening.


On Friday 31st March 32 young people sat down to dinner with India, Italy, Mexico, China, Thailand and Scotland on the menu.  They ate, laughed, chatted and ate some more.  They then had a choice of 4 ice-creams and 3 fruits which they consumed with great gusto.   Following the meal they all helped to clear up and then presented Beth with the most beautiful painting, made up of lots of individual paintings, made by the primary school and pre-5 children.  The High School Youths gave Beth strawberry wine, chocolates and Lismore mugs and a lovely card which had been signed by all of them.


Beth said: “I just want to say that the kids on Lismore - I have known most of them since they were born - are just the best in the west; they are all polite, helpful and very caring about each other and their parents should be very proud of them.  It has been a privilege for me to have spent so much time in their company and of all the people on the Island they are ones I will miss most.”


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