Explore Appin and Lismore


28 July 2006


The Appin Show on the 19 August is to be the venue for the official launch of the Appin and Lismore Visitor Management Strategy.  The Steering group, chaired by Stephen Austin of Scottish Natural Heritage and with representatives of both communities, will be on hand with a display of the results of the Consultantís report and the possible ways the two communities can  implement the ideas over time. Giving visitors more information without compromising the peace and tranquillity informs all plans.


The Comann Eachdraidh Lios MÚr is inviting all residents of Lismore and Appin to design a logo for the ongoing Explore Appin and Lismore Visitor Management Strategy. Following on from the consultantís report a joint steering committee is now exploring ways of implementing the strategy. The winning logo will be used on all publications, signage and gift items.


There are 3 categories: age 5- 10, 11-16, 16 and over with a prize for each and an overall winnerís prize.


For further information and an entry form contact 01631 760 293.


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