Commun na Gaidhlig AGM


21 October 2006



For the first time Comunn na Gaidhlig held its 2006 Annual General Meeting in Lismore. They joined members of the Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mr for a lunch catered by the hall committee and at four the public were invited to hear a presentation on The National Gaelic Language Plan by Paedar Morgan, the Language planning manager. A translator was on hand for the non gaelic speakers. Retiring Chief Executive Donald Martin told the audience that originally they had hoped to be holding the AGM in the new Gaelic Heritage Museum but they now had an excuse to come back for the opening later this year. There are around 40 Gaelic speakers in Lismore in a population or 176 and these numbers could grow as the native speakers have done such a good job of both preserving and developing the language and culture. The school likewise, though not gaelic medium, gives the pupils a good foundation and many go on to study it at secondary level.


The event was well attended by both visitors and islanders and there was a general feeling of optimism about the future. 


Chair of the Comann Eachdraidh, Donald Black, thanked the committee for coming and wished them well for the coming year.



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