Community Bus News

February 2006

The Lismore Community Bus now has in excess of 20 drivers and gets a great deal of community use here and also in Appin. With Dave Meddes now a qualified Midas trainer, the recruiting is easier to arrange and the training easier to organise.

It has been of a great benefit to all sections of the community with the school, which once found it so difficult to arrange outings for the children and managed only a couple a year, now able to run up to eight trips, and the Youth and Shinty Clubs also finding it a great asset which makes life for them easier and more interesting.

Weddings, funerals and any large scale visits to the island all use the bus and this can include visiting country dancers from around Argyll or last years arrival of a party of MacColls from Canada with connections to Lismore. The Archaeologists who were here in the summer also found it a great help and locals use it to arrange shopping trips, nights out for fun, cultural outings or group outings such as the Bowls and Art Group have every year. Families too can use it when their visitors are too numerous for the car and only a bus will give them a guided tour of the island.

In all the Community Bus Group can be very proud of the work they have done in raising the money to get it and in keeping it running and so well used. All below used the bus:

Taigh Iseabal Opening.

The Moderator and his party.

The Nadair Trust Visit

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