Comman Eachdraidh News

7 April 2006



Gill Bridle, Caroline Willis and Cait McCullagh took part in a 'Caring for your Collections Course: Part I', delivered by Wilma Baumeester, of the Scottish Conservation Studio and formerly of National Trust Scotland and the National Museums of Scotland.  The course looked at various ways of assessing the condition of a collection, as well as the materials objects may be made of, and ways they deteriorate.  They looked in detail at preventative conservation, in particular buildings, designing and monitoring the indoor environment, management of cleaning and housekeeping, storage and display, disaster preparedness, and object handling and moving. 


Cait said the day was a great opportunity for learning as well as an opportunity to meet people involved in Museums and Heritage in Argyll and Bute. This session was the first of four free training opportunities Argyll and Bute Museum and Heritage Forum are offering as part of their Skills Building for the Future Programme.

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