Comann Eachraidh Exhibition


9-10 February 2006


Cait McCullagh, the recently appointed Museum Development Officer for the Lismore Gaelic Heritage Museum, has lost no time in meeting the islanders and making sure that as many as possible become involved in the project. On 9-10 February she arranged for the entire collection to be displayed in the hall and over those 2 days islanders past and present were invited to share their memories of places and items with volunteers who recorded their stories. She also held a workshop with the Comann Eachdraidh, led by consultants Liz Buckle and Mel Thewell of PLB Consultancy, who are advising on the Museum’s interpretative displays. This was designed to help get memories down without too much sweat and tears.



Also on the go was a People Map (not pictured) where we were encouraged to tell the story of how we came to live on Lismore whether by birth, marriage or otherwise. This is to be part of the museum and will demonstrate how the community has formed, what holds it together and what it is about Lismore that makes it so attractive to new settlers.


Below are a few of the objects on display:


A Pruning Tool

The children too had their chance at sleuthing and curating. Working in groups they examined various historical items and answered questions which led them to unearth the objects’ roles in Lismore’s past and future.


If you have any memories which you think would be of interest to the Museum, Cait would love to hear from you on

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